Retail Trends Masterclass: Consumer behavior is changing, is your marketing? by Edna Chavira

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The retail landscape is in flux. What may have worked for retail marketers just a few years ago may no longer have the same impact today. Why? Buyer journeys are evolving, spending habits are shifting, and, notably, the savviest marketers are accounting for these changes. 

Success for the modern retail marketer hinges upon a deep understanding of consumer behavior and a willingness to explore bold marketing strategies. Join Marigold’s Retail Trends Masterclass to discover:

  • Key retail trends happening right now, including the rise of pop-up shops, sustainable marketing and hyper-personalization
  • How to navigate shifting consumer behavior and deliver on demands for relevance, value and brand purpose
  • The ins and outs of modern loyalty, including loyalty drivers and the critical role of non-transactional offerings

RSVP today for the Retail Trends Masterclass: Consumer Behavior is Changing, Is Your Marketing? to learn how to navigate these shifts and deliver on the increasing consumer expectations.

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Edna Chavira

Edna Chavira is the Senior Director of Marketing Services at Third Door Media. She has over 20 years of experience helping B2B companies generate leads and acquire customers.

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