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Google has yet some more rich result and structured data support for its Google Search results that you can leverage – vacation rental rich results. If you have a website that showcases vacation rentals you may want to consider adding this new markup to your listings. “Today, we’re announcing a new and simpler way for vacation rental integration partners to provide listing data to Google.,” Google wrote.

Vacation rental rich results. The new supported vacation rental rich results allow you to add markup to your pages that help Google determine if those vacation listings should show up in Google Search and what data it can use to add to its search results. Google may show the location, pricing, images, reviews, ratings and more.

Here is an illustration Google provided of the rich results in Google Search:

Vacation Rental Rich Result

Vacation rental structured data. Google posted its technical structured data documentation over here, which explains how to implement this markup on your pages. “When you add structured data to your vacation rental listing pages, Google Search can show your listing in richer ways. Users can see listing information, such as the name, description, images, location, rating, reviews and more right in search results,” Google wrote.

The supported fields include place fields, images, latitude and longitude, name, address, ratings, brand, check-in and out times, amenities and many other fields.

Google explained that you can now implement structured data markup in their site’s pages to be eligible for this rich result. There is already an existing feed method which “remains a good option for large partners and those with many domains and brands,” Google added. But for “smaller partners including property managers who prefer a simpler setup and maintenance,” Google recommends this structured data.

New reports. Google added new Google Search Console and Rich Results reports. Within Search Console there is a new vacation rental rich result report. This report will help you monitor and fix the validity of your vacation rental structured data.

Here is what it looks like:

Vacation Rental Rich Results Report

The Rich Results testing tool was also updated to support this new markup:

Vacation Rental Rich Results Test

Why we care. If you offer vacation rentals and you don’t already integrate with Google’s feed method, you may want to consider adding this structured data. Rich results generally do help improve click-through rates from Google Search to your listings. You can always monitor the results and decide if it is improving your conversion rates or not at a later date.

Google has added a lot of new rich results recently, while also pulling back on some older ones. Google recently added Organization markup and discussion forum and public profile markup.

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