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Hansal Mehta On Byju’s: I Was Trolled For Mocking The So Called Rags To Riches Story

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With Byju’s constantly in the spotlight, and not for any positive reasons, a recent tweet by film maker Hansal Mehta has thrown some more mud their way. Social media is awash with several individuals talking about their not so pleasant experience with the ed tech giant, and Mehta’s recent tweet has been one of the most talked about ones.

Among those who have spoken out is filmmaker Hansal Mehta. Recounting his run-in with Byju’s, he has shared that he “had to drive them out of the house”.

“I’d called out Byjus when they came to my house trying to sell programs that my daughter did not need during the pandemic. They tried to convince her that she was poor academically in order to make an extra buck. I had to drive them out of my house. I was trolled for mocking the so called rags to riches story. I had to delete my tweets because of the abuse. As their house of cards begins to collapse it’s time to remind ourselves that not all rags to riches stories are stories of honest intentions and legitimate wins,” Mehta had tweeted.

As of posting this, the tweet had received 1 million views. What makes Mehta’s tweet interesting is that fact that he was the man behind the much talked about web series Scam 1992 about the Harshad Mehta case, and he also reshared his own 2021 tweet which said, “@BYJUS is a total sham. It is material for Scam S4.”

Byju’s finds itself in deep waters at the current moment, and the founder, Byju Raveendran conducted a town hall meeting with the staff yesterday to shed some light on the current situation. “Last 12 months we have been struggling. But edtech will stay forever, and we are the pioneers. We are in the correct space,” he had mentioned during the town hall.

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