Major Looker Studio GA4 connector update adds 170 new fields

Looker Studio has rolled out a major update to its system, unveiling 170 new fields for reporting. In order to access the new data, users must refresh their GA4 data sources.

Why we care: You can now create more in-depth, detailed Looker Studio reports because they will have access to data that previously wasn’t available. Advertisers are particularly excited as they’ll have insights into landing page, user conversion, page location and session conversion rates by event data, which will help them to make more informed decisions with regards to ad placements and campaigns moving forward.

What are the new fields: An impressive 170 new fields have been implemented – so we’ve just highlighted some of personal favourites here:

  • Ads clicks & cost
  • Average session duration
  • Landing page
  • Page location
  • Page referrer
  • Session & user conversion rate
  • Session conversion rate by event name
  • Time dimensions like hour or week

How do you get the new fields? To get access to Looker Studio’s new fields, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Click on ‘Data Sources’ in their Looker Studio account.
  • Select the GA4 source you wish to update and select the ‘Refresh Fields’ button in the bottom left corner.
  • A new window will then pop up on your screen with all 170 new fields listed.
  • Click on ‘Apply’.
  • All the new fields should then appear in your existing reports.
  • You’re all set!

Some marketers may not have access to all 170 new fields right away. The number of new fields your account has access to will depends on how many conversion events you have.

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