Microsoft has dropped Twitter from its ad platform

Microsoft has just announced that as of April 25, 2023, Multi-platform Smart Campaigns will no longer support Twitter.

The announcement. Microsoft Advertising users have started receiving emails notifying them that the Digital Marketing Center (DMC) will also cease its support for Twitter on the same date. Consequently, users will lose access to their Twitter accounts via the Digital Marketing Center’s social media management tool. The ability to schedule, create, or manage tweets or tweet drafts will be removed, and users will not be able to view their past tweets and engagement on the Microsoft Advertising platform.

This development follows a day after Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, appeared at a significant marketing and advertising conference to attract brands back to the platform. Twitter had lost half of its biggest advertisers following Musk’s takeover.

The function of the DMC. Microsoft Advertising’s feature enabled advertisers to manage various social media accounts in one location, allowing users to respond to tweets, DMs, and messages from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

While the social media service was offered for free to advertisers, it was prominently displayed on the DMC dashboard of Microsoft Advertising. It functioned alongside social and search paid advertising tools that assisted businesses in managing their paid ad campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft’s search advertising.

Companies utilizing Microsoft Advertising will continue to create and manage content for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn via the platform, as they did previously.

Last year, Microsoft generated over $12 billion in digital advertising revenue from ads created, managed, and run through its Advertising platform.

Dig deeper. You can read the announcement from Microsoft here.

Why we care. Losing access to Twitter through the DMC’s social media management tool means advertisers will need to adjust their strategies, potentially seeking alternative platforms to manage and track Twitter campaigns. As Twitter has faced challenges retaining advertisers following Elon Musk’s takeover, this development highlights the importance of staying informed about industry shifts and adapting to the evolving digital marketing ecosystem to optimize advertising efforts across various social media platforms.

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