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Ready to Level up Your Business? Here Are 7 Masterminds You Should Consider

Joining a mastermind group can be the key to growing your business. They offer peer support, an opportunity to exchange ideas and much needed accountability. They can also be a complete waste of time and money if you choose the wrong group.

And with some of them costing over one hundred thousand dollars per year, you’ll definitely want to do some digging before making the commitment. So before you join a mastermind group, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Get clear on your goals. This will help you identify which groups can help you make progress.

Establish a budget. Based on your goal, how much are you willing to pay to achieve it?

Do your research. I suggest asking your personal and professional network first but you should look outside of your circle too.

Do the work. Once you join, block off time to actively participate in the group and complete any related activities.

Need some help finding the right mastermind? You’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of seven masterminds that have provided measurable results to their community.

Who It’s For:

This is for anyone trying to grow an online business. We have new entrepreneurs just getting their feet wet and established business owners in the high 7 figures. The program is ideal for those selling physical products, coaching, consulting, authors, speakers and agencies.

What To Expect:

Discover advanced marketing, branding and PR methods. All the strategies that helped Rudy generate tens of millions in sales and build an 8-figure business by the age of 30. You’ll also learn our unique process for building teams, structures and systems that helped Mawer Capital grow to 100 employees. Plus how to create the best products, offers and online business models for growth.

How It’s Different:

It’s a hybrid of in-person events and 1-1 virtual training. The in-person events are held every quarter in Clearwater, Florida and last 2-3 days. They include live talks with Rudy and his team, celebrity guests, expert speakers, workshops, Q & A sessions, networking with fellow entrepreneurs and Monday Fundays. You also get 1-1 calls with any member of Rudy’s team in any department – marketing, copy, ads, design, tech, and even operations team so you can be successful. There are also live group coaching calls from Monday to Friday on topics like Facebook & Google ads, marketing, media buying and much more.

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Who it’s for:

The 10X Ladies event is for women and men who want to understand their own value and contributions to society, who want to build an empire for themselves, who want to find their purpose and become an asset not only to themselves, but also to their partner, community, and even to all mankind.

Elena Cardone, along with a lineup of the most life-changing and powerful speakers, shares with attendees how they can and must get to the 10X heights they deserve.

What to expect:

The 10X Ladies event is a once-a-year mastermind that will give the attendees exclusive guidance to develop their purpose, gain more self confidence, build mutually beneficial relationships, confront their money and financial situation and commit to building the empire they deserve.

This is a weekend of transformation and transcendence into a new highest ever level. The two days packed with powerful and inspiring content, connections, and new ideas that help women and men grow professionally and personally in ways never thought possible.

How it’s different:

During this event, Elena gives the attendees the blueprint that helped her overcome life’s challenges and build the empire that she and Grant have today. She has documented the step-by-step procedures that they used as a couple to get to the empire they have built.

Who it’s for:

The LinkedIn Secrets Masterclass is for anyone looking to dominate the LinkedIn platform – whether you’re in corporate, a freelancer or soloprenuer, entrepreneur, work in social media or simply want to be an influencer. If you want to increase your visibility on LinkedIn, this is the masterclass for you!

What to expect:

By joining the LinkedIn Secrets Masterclass, you will learn how to growth-hack LinkedIn, convert followers into paying customers and develop a social media strategy that actually grows your business. You’ll walk away with everything you’ll need to dominate LinkedIn, including:

  • A clear understanding of your personal brand
  • The principles and psychology of design theory
  • The same copywriting formulas I teach my team that make my clients go viral every day
  • A playbook to turn your community into leads and paying customers, without being salesy or spammy!

How it’s different:

LinkedIn Secrets Masterclass provides a practical, step-by-step plan to growth hack LinkedIn, convert followers into paying customers, and develop a social media strategy that ACTUALLY grows your business.

Who it’s for:

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, or novice investor, the Subto community is the place to advance your successes by giving you access to the most incredible real estate community in the game and top tier education & resources.

What to expect:

Subto is a solution & tool for your investor toolbelt! It is NOT the answer to all your problems and issues you refuse to deal with. BUT, if you’re ready and willing to take accountability and responsibility for your life and your future, there is no better community, support system, resources, and wealth of knowledge than what Pace Morby and the leaders of the SubTo community has to offer. SubTo is freedom to accomplish more by leveraging creative financing!

Why it’s different:

Simply put, we think outside of the box and we are action takers! It’s the people you will meet, the connections, seasoned professionals, access to all the tools, resources, professionals, the training needed to succeed, and our ability to problem solve together. We think bigger & reach higher – Our members go above and beyond to help – it’s our synergy.

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Who it’s for:

Aspiring, hungry entrepreneurs ready to take their game to another level and increase the money they make online. For people who are not yet making money online or who desire to increase their money online or people who want to scale their current online business.

What to expect:

Learn the basic fundamentals to making money online and start their financial journey, simple and easy. Anyone can do it with no prior experience.

How it’s different:

I find that I make it simple & easy to make your 1st 6-7 figures online without paid ads, all organic. Most ppl don’t do that. There is no need to pay for marketing campaigns. Everybody teaches how to do ads, we don’t. We’ve taken companies from $10M to over $400M with no paid ads, purely organic.

Who it’s for:

The target audience are entrepreneurs who want to build their personal brand and business on social media.

What to expect:

We will help entrepreneurs create viral videos and turn those views into dollars for their business.

How it’s different:

There are no programs teaching entrepreneurs this right now. And those who might be doing it do not have the authority that I have when it comes to creating organic content as an entrepreneur with a personal brand.

PASOS DE GIGANTE by Margarita and Alejandro Pasos

Who it’s for:

Business owners, entrepreneurs, network marketers, professional service providers in the Hispanic market.

What to expect:

Our mastermind is based on 4 pillars that take you on a 360 growth process:

1. Emotional Intelligence

2. Time management

3. Income (Sales, Marketing, Money, Taxes)

4. Scaling

Our promise is that we will save you years of frustration by giving you the best tools available so that you as a leader and your business, will grow faster and reach bigger goals in a much shorter period of time.

How it’s different:

We only learn from the best in the world, we focus on our customer’s needs and we make the mind (mindset and emotional intelligence) the foundation of the program. We have worked with businesses of every size, from family businesses to Fortune 500 companies and our methodologies have been recognized in all of the major TV networks in the Hispanic market.

Next steps

Joining a mastermind group can accelerate the growth of business but it’s not a magic bullet. But, to make the most out of the opportunity – and your investment – you have to put in work.

Once you join, block off time to participate in the group and complete any related activities. As a bonus, aim to chat with a new group member every week. This will allow you to make deeper connections and provide support to your community.

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