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How to Write a Winning Sales Script with ChatGPT

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By now, you have probably heard of ChatGPT. Students, researchers, businesses and just about everyone can use this innovative software to save them valuable time at work. I, for one, use ChatGPT to help me and my sales team create winning sales scripts.

Many sales teams have already tried doing this but found little success with the AI-generated scripts. This is because they are not using the software correctly. Though ChatGpt is highly user-friendly, you need to understand how to structure a prompt for the AI to give you a script that goes beyond anything standard!

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What is ChatGPT?

“ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like responses to natural language inputs. It’s trained on a large dataset of text data and can understand and generate responses in multiple languages. It’s useful for tasks like answering questions and generating text.”

This description was written by ChatGpt itself and is a good example of understanding how the software works. You can get very specific in what you ask it. For instance, for the text above, I asked the AI: “What is Chatgpt explained in three sentences?”. It understood this and gave me a description of itself, using only 3 sentences. This is how specific you need to be when creating a sales script too!

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ChatGPT for sales

Before we discuss how we order ChatGPT to create effective sales scripts, we need to identify the medium that the script needs to be in. As an entrepreneur, surely you’re already aware of the best methods for generating outbound leads.

Today I’ll cover the Big 3: cold calling, emailing and social media messaging. Each of these methods needs its own tailor-made scripts, even though you are selling the same product. ChatGPT understands this as well and can create a specific script for each of these mediums.

So, instead of asking ChatGPT for a sales script for, in our case, “Real Estate Photography,” we would ask for a “Real Estate Photography Script for Cold Calling.” This will give you a more accurate script for your needs, but this still isn’t enough; you can get even more specific and creative.

Cold calling

If you’re looking for ChatGPT to write you a cold calling script that will convert, you need to be very specific with your niche, offer, service and call to action. If you give ChatGPT all of this information, you’ll be sent an incredibly compelling cold-calling script that will surely get you a lot of qualified leads and appointments.

For example, one AI-generated script that I have found great success with recently, came from the prompt: “Write me a cold call sales script with Jordan Belfort lingo for a realtor who services luxury condos in Philadelphia.”

Notice how specific I get when asking ChatGPT to write me a script. This is how we can find so much success with these customized sales scripts! I specified that I wanted a cold call script to be 1)used over the phone, 2)for a realtor, 3) in Philadelphia, 4) for luxury condos and 5) using the vocabulary and influence of Jordan Belfort — and that is precisely what was generated! This is how specific you need to be for ChatGpt to generate a successful script!

You can take this already detailed script even further by asking ChatGPT to create a response to any objections. It can list common objections and how you can respond to them, or you can ask it to answer any objection you can come up with!

So if your call starts to go sour, and the lead says, “They don’t have time,” or they “aren’t interested at the moment,” or any other objection, you will know what to say.

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Cold emailing

Similarly to cold calling, cold emailing is a great way to generate sales and appointments. Emails are fast; hundreds of emails can be sent in a day, as opposed to time-consuming cold calling. Because of this, any script you use for calling needs to be appropriately adjusted to find success through email!

Just like last time, you need to be very specific with ChatGPT. When we asked ChatGPT, “write me a cold emailing script to set a demo for a residential real estate agent in Philadelphia who were looking to provide photography services,” we received a complete sales email with an introduction, body, and closer, and even an email subject box entry!

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Cold social media messaging

One of our most successful outreach methods is social media messaging. We send a ton of DM’s every day, so coming up with new scripts takes up a considerable chunk of time. Thanks to ChatGPT, we can generate sales scripts that work fast!

Here’s a script that Momentum 360 would use if we were to send direct messages to realtors through social media:

Hi [Agent’s Name],

I came across your profile on [social media platform] and noticed your amazing listings in the Philadelphia area. As a professional photographer, I believe I can help you take your marketing to the next level and attract even more potential buyers.

I specialize in real estate photography and have worked with many top agents in the area. My photography services can help showcase your properties in the best light possible and help them stand out from the competition.

I would love to set up a demo with you to show you how my services can benefit your business. The demo will only take a few minutes and can be done virtually at a time that’s convenient for you.

If you’re interested, please let me know and we can schedule a time that works for you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Try this out for yourself using ChatGPT!

Yes, It’s this easy and very effective! You’ll have to change the wording on these prompts to match your own service or product, but if you use these guidelines, you will generate a script that wins!

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