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Modern Coupon Marketing Strategy – 7 Tips

Think of coupon marketing as printing your own currency and then distributing it to people in your target market.

The best way to do this is to design a coupon that looks like a gift card. Why? Because people see more value in a gift card than they do a coupon. Gift cards are as close to money in people’s minds as you can get. Hence, your own currency!

Here are 7 tips on how to do this…

1 – First set up your coupon code to be for a specific dollar savings amount. This will be the value of the coupon / gift card.

2 – Set the coupon code to a single-use per customer so it can only be used once and operates like a gift card would.

3 – Set a minimum order value (this best so you can use the money for free stuff and it ensures you actually generate revenue)

4 – Set a deadline (this creates a sense of urgency)

5 – Optional: you can even set what it can be used for (this allows you to focus on selling specific things)

6 – Design your coupon to look like a gift card!

7 – Distribute and market your gift card coupon!

Here are 2 coupon marketing tips on how to market and distribute your own currency!

1 – Create digital gift card coupon and distribute — Design your gift card coupon you can promote it across your website, email and social media. Make a call-to-action to print from home or use online (if online store). This strategy is also good to try in a local area so you can track your results. Spend some money to promote your coupons with social media ads.

2 – Print and distribute — Print some nice looking thick paper or plastic gift card coupons and distribute them via direct mail. It’s best to start local and expand from there if you see success. Try to distribute to 2,500+ local residents in a local area and see if you get sales from that area!

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