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7 Steps to Start Selling Gift Cards for a Local Business

Start selling gift cards online –

7 steps to start selling gift cards as a local business

People want to support local businesses. Even if they don’t need the businesses products or services today. A great way to tap into that is to sell gift cards online! This allows the community to support you by buying gift cards for themselves or their friends/family.

Steps to get started –

1 – Create a simple online store that allows you to sell digital gift cards (Not sure what to use? Try the Shop App)

2 – Customers can buy gift cards through your store for themselves or for someone else.

3 – Once purchased, the customer receives a nicely branded digital gift card
All active gift cards can be searched, tracked and managed via your online store.

4 – If a customer buys in person, you can mark the gift card as used in the system with ease.

5 – If you launch new products or services in the future, you can use your online store for that also!

6 – Advertise on all channels for people to buy your gift cards! Theme for the different seasons!

7 – Gift cards are very high margin because many go unused.

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