You Don’t Need a Morning Routine to Be Successful But You Do Need This

A morning routine will not make you successful. I know there’s a lot of people saying it’s one of the success habits that will take you where you want to be, but today I’m going to share with you how a morning routine won’t make you successful, and what else you should do instead.

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If you have a morning routine, if you want to keep following it, you can.

I don’t really have one because I think it’s a waste and I’m going to end up breaking down what you need and here’s what you need.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s a checklist.

And not just any checklist. You need a daily checklist.

You can use any app, any service, whether it’s Gmail or whatever you want to create your checklist but this is what you need to be successful.

Let me breakdown why first. You have a goal. You want to hit this goal by the end of the year.

How do you ensure that you’re hitting this goal?

Not through a morning routine. A morning routine just says you’re going to do certain things. A morning routine doesn’t mean you’re going to do stuff that’s going to help you be successful. It may get you out of bed, it may get you into work but it doesn’t guarantee your success.

By having a checklist and ticking off stuff that you need to be accomplished to hit your goal, you can become successful.

Now let’s go into how to build that checklist.

First off, come up with your yearly goal. Whatever your yearly goal is, that is what your checklist is going to be based on.

Second, break down your yearly goal into bite-sized chunks. I don’t mean bite-sized chunks into 12-month increments.

I mean daily tasks. So, look at what you have to do over a course of every 12 months to hit that goal.

Then take each month, break down what you have to do in each week to hit that goal in that month and then break down what you have to do each and every single day to make sure you’re on track.

Now, the last thing I want you to do is to create a checklist, a unique one each day of all the things you need to do and you should not be going to sleep unless you achieve that.

The moment you do that, and that’s what I do, you will hit your goals.

My company this year is on track for 3XE. That means my revenue will be three times greater than what it was before, the previous year. All because my team and I, we get through what we need to do in our checklist.

That is what’s going to make you successful. Not your morning routine.

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