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Content Strategy For Instagram – Batch Photography

Everyone knows Instagram is the hottest social platform there is right now! As a result, it’s very competitive, so it’s key to have highly quality content to help you stand out. But coming up with really high quality content is very time consuming. There must be a better way! Let’s talk about some tips on how to build scalable high quality Instagram content.

Tip #1 – Batch up your photography! Hire a talented but affordable photographer to take 50 or more high quality social shots in one session. If you post twice per week that would last you 6 months!

Tip #2 – When you do this, get a variety of different shots such as you in action, your team in action, your office, your happy customers, your products, etc.. Allow the photographer to do their thing and use their creative eye to capture as many authentic lifestyle pictures as possible.

Tip #3 – Before you hire your photographer, look at their work, make sure it aligns with the quality you’re looking for. Check out their Instagram account, does their own account look good? Make sure they understand Instagram and what’s most effective!

Tip #4 – Consider having 4-5 different outfits to wear so it brings variety to your feed and does not feel like you shot everything at the same time (even though you did). It’ll be our little secret…

Tip #5 – Look through other Instagram accounts you like for inspiration and ideas and share those with your photographer so they have the vision of what you’re going for.

Tip #6 – Once done, save all your photos in a folder you can pull from as the weeks and months go by. This is a great time to start building out a content calendar or even scheduling posts in advance! Think of an inspiring, uplifting or educational caption to go along with each as you post them. With great photography, you can almost include any content with it and it works!

Tip #7 – Once you run out of photo assets to use, hire the photographer again for a new batch of photos! Make sure you have different outfits and the photographer looks for different shots compared to the first round to bring variety. That said, don’t worry if some are similar because nobody will notice or compare photos from 6 months ago!

Doing these things will really help you stand out on Instagram and grow you brand. Give it a try!

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