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Bucket Listers Founder Andy Lederman on Exploring New Opportunities for Growth


Growth Hacks – Walking away from a career in finance to start a digital media company might sound crazy. But Andy Lederman put in enough time, effort, and research to be successful. He continues to find ways to battle the ever-changing social media algorithms and gain popularity for his Bucket Listers brand.

How to Stand Out in the Creator Economy – The creator economy is booming. According to Andy Lederman, it takes specific characteristics for one to stand out enough to become a paid content creator.

Building Trust Through Strict Curation – Andy Lederman and Bucket Listers blew up to millions of followers seemingly out of nowhere. That rapid growth was due to execution of their mission, and sticking to the pillars of their process which gained the trust of their followers both new and old.


Standing out as an influencer in the creator economy is very difficult.

Founder/CEO of the Bucket Listers website and brand Andy Lederman agrees that a litany of things must fall into place in order for the dream of becoming an online influencer to turn into reality. Still he knows it is possible; he did it himself.

“I think just having a unique voice is always super helpful. Having really a niche following, people who really resonate with you.” Andy Lederman tells host Shawn P. Walchef of CaliBBQ Media on the Restaurant Influencers podcast.

“I think to really stand out, people want to see your personality in your videos or your content”.

Resonating with the public and partners is what Andy Lederman created with Bucket Listers.

“Our site is extremely curated. Partners are excited to work with us and align their brands with Bucket Listers and to make it on ‘The Bucket List.'”

Sticking to their core missions has not only built a culture of alignment with participating businesses, but has also built a sustainable level of trust with their millions of followers for their curated happenings.

A deep belief in his company and a great team around him is what enables the dream of Bucket Listers to keep growing. A dream that is pursued as earnestly as the items on any bucket list.


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