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Over the last couple of years, video has taken over social media, as there’s a new tendency to consume video content. Users prefer to watch short videos rather than see pictures or read posts on . The tendency to prefer video over images started with YouTube, a social media platform where users can upload videos to talk about their chosen topics, share their daily lives or even participate in trendy challenges to keep their audience entertained.

It wasn’t until the rise of TikTok that other social media platforms implemented video content. TikTok became popular during the pandemic when users spent much of their free time in their houses watching and creating short videos. TikTok so trendy because it was an easy-to-use platform, and every user had the opportunity to be seen and go viral.

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Video marketing covers different factors because every video is different, meaning that video features are used diversely to reach goals. Some people use the features to engage emotionally with their audience and make sure to reach the emotional factor to stop them from scrolling in their feeds. Others use it to directly sell a product and provide an experience that will make users click on their video. The truth is that people remember more the content they see than the content they read or hear; having a visual focus will help them remember you and your brand.

have shifted their marketing efforts into creating more video content. They know users prefer this type of content. As marketing professionals, it is vital to understand the current market, see the user’s behavior, and understand how they interact with the content you share. Different social media platforms have included video content, and something that started as fun videos to share has become a marketing strategy you can’t miss.

As we said previously, this video trend started with TikTok. It became so big that other social media platforms jumped in as well. Now you can create videos on Instagram with Reels. You can create up to 60-second videos to showcase your brand features and current products and even share how their product or service can solve your life with lifestyle videos. Even YouTube joined the trend with YouTube Shorts. As the same suggests, they are small videos where creators can share snippets of longer videos on platforms or a different type of content that differentiates them from their regular audience.

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Learn how video marketing can help your business

Video marketing has multiple benefits. You can get discovered by many people and see your business grow in ways you couldn’t imagine. Today, we will discuss the top three reasons your social media marketing team should implement video in content creation. If you are still considering including videos in your monthly calendars, think about the fact that millions can discover your brand in a short time.

1. Video marketing is great for SEO

One factor influencing SEO is time spent on a website; the same applies to social media platforms. If a user spends a reasonable amount of time on your page consuming and watching your videos, your SEO will significantly improve. That’s why it is so important to create content that catches the interest of your audience.

To create the right content, do a trial-and-error test. Post different kinds of videos and see which ones perform best, and then you will identify the type of content your audience enjoys.

2. You can use videos to sell products

Studies have shown that most marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales. Many marketers say video has helped them increase brand awareness. This means that video enables you to discover your brand and gives your new audience reasons why they should buy your product or service.

Video marketing influences buyers’ decisions. With a video, you can show them the benefits of your product and make them understand how it is helpful for their daily lives.

3. Increase traffic

Video marketing gets your video seen. If used correctly, your videos can reach thousands or even millions of views, helping your brand to get discovered by many potential customers. Different researchers estimated that by this year (2022), 82% of the global internet traffic would come from video streaming and downloads, which translates into an 88% increase in traffic share from 72.3% in 2017.

Whether you want to get discovered, sell your product or position your brand as one of the top results, video marketing is your solution. Don’t be afraid to try it and enjoy results that will take your business to the next level.

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