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Don’t try to go viral. Post COVID what you’re going to see is a lot of people continuing with online commerce. Which is going to increase the demand for digital marketing, but it’s also going to increase how competitive digital marketing is as well. Focus on what you’re naturally better at because that’s what you’ll enjoy. And just double down on being the best person at that one thing.

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With the pandemic, there’s been a big boom on anything internet based. It’s convenient, you can get it delivered to you, you don’t have to worry about COVID. And what you’ll end up seeing in the future as well is because people are starting to order off of Amazon. People who have never ordered before, like my parents or people who are older, ordered online sites now, right? Like they’re ordering from e-commerce sites. They’re getting used to it, they’re seeing how actually it can be cheaper and more convenient than even going to the store.

So post COVID what you’re going to see is a lot of people continuing with online commerce, which is going to increase the demand for digital marketing. But it’s also going to increase how competitive digital marketing is as well. Which means you’re going to have to spend more money, spend more time, more resources to get the same results that you were getting before.

When we look at content marketing. The stats are pretty basic in which there’s over a billion blogs and there’s roughly 7 billion people in this world. So you have roughly one blog for every seven people. That’s a lot of content. And then you have TikTok, you have LinkedIn, you have Clubhouse, you have Instagram. The number of social platforms out there has continually been increasing.

People are now repurposing content, continually trying to build an audience. There’s so much noise in the marketplace that it’s harder to stand out. No matter what you’re doing, you can jump over Lamborghini’s and if you’re jumping over Lamborghini’s and it used to go viral on YouTube everyone’s jumping over Lamborghini’s right now, and it doesn’t go that viral anymore.

The point I’m trying to make is there is a lot of content and they’ll continually be more content. And even though people are producing content at mass scale I personally don’t see it actually decreasing over time. What I do see is people struggling to stand out. So you’re going to see more noise and even if more content is being produced you’re not going to see as much content stand out. Or you’re not going to notice much.

Just like, you know how you have banner blindness, you see banner ads so often you tend to ignore them. You’ll start doing similar things with content. And there’s a lot of tools that are coming up which AI is helping you create content, actually becoming easier to create it.

There’s tools like Canva that help you create the visual images even quicker. So it’s just going to cause more people to create even more content. But again, I believe people are going to have quote unquote, content blindness, similar to banner blindness, in which they’re going to ignore most of the content.

Think about doing a podcast interview but on Facebook. And you can use the streaming platforms to go live on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram. And you can do an interview everywhere at the same time, which can help you grow quicker.

The second content format that I’m experimenting with is reels. Okay, so everyone has a different version of reel. Shorts, there’s TikTok, right? It’s been a very pro platform, but the content is pretty much the same. If you create these quote unquote reels, what ends up happening is the people who see that content can be more than just your followers, so it’s another easy way to grow.

Don’t try to go viral. You know, the other day I was talking to a friend and he’s like, how many video views do you have? And I’m like, I have 37 million video views. And I did it without going viral.

And I was like, it’s just consistency. You keep creating content. You keep pushing it out there on the social platforms. You’ll keep doing well. And people are gunning for that. Let me just create that one hit wonder and get lucky.

And I’m like, that’s not in your control but what is in your control is consistency, hard work, and just doing it for a very, very long time.

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