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How to Write Good Blogs, Social Posts or Email Campaigns – 5 Steps

Level-up your content –

Simple 5 step process to writing great content which can be used for your blog, email newsletter or social posts…

1 – Find a topic (attention grabber). Follow industry-specific blogs and pick a topic you like and can easily write about without any research.

2 – Write down the key points (tips, steps, reasons, etc.) you have relevant to that topic. Shoot for at least 3. You don’t need to cover every point, so generally, 3-5 is great.

3 – Make the key points good sub-headings (mini attention grabbers)

4 – Write a paragraph or two of content for each key point. Write freely, speak in your own voice. Use your own knowledge.

5 – Proofread, edit and SEO optimize your content.

BONUS TIP – Add value, don’t sell. But do include a call-to-action at the end of your content.

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