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Restaurant Marketing – 7 Tips to Increase Takeout Orders

1 – Have a “Family Meal Pickup Special of the Day” (dinner for 2, 4, 6). Make in bulk so you can be efficient and save on cost so you can offer a nice discount. Also have a “Work Lunch Pickup Special of the Day” (give a few options such as salad and soup and entree option). Again, make in bulk so you can offer a nice price.

2 – Allow meal to be ordered online so payment can be collected upfront and pickup time can be scheduled so it’s ready and hot when you arrive, no waiting! Update your website with your specials of the day, but also allow for online ordering any of your other menu items for regular price.

3 – Advertise daily specials on social media! Post on GMB also. Ask to share!

4 – Collect email addresses and allow people to subscribe for daily reminders. They should be able to subscribe for daily alerts for lunch, dinner, or both. They could also pick any day of the week they wanted reminders for. Use a CRM and email tool for this.

5 – Also allow your customers to subscribe to SMS alerts of the daily specials. Emails should be sent very early in the morning, whereas text messages can be sent more in real time just before lunch or dinner as a last minute reminder.

6 – This is not something you do that often, but it’s a great strategy to re-engage your audience…Give away free $5 digital gift cards that expire in 10 days, good for all pickup orders. Which would essentially just be a $5 off coupon code that expires in 10 days, but design it like a digital gift card. Then share on social media and via email. Tell people they can use the free gift card on their next order or they can share it with a friend. This is a great way to get people to take action and share with friends.

7 – Use a platform like Marketing 360 to make all these easier. Marketing 360 has everything you need from an easy to edit website, to online ordering, gift cards, email marketing, text message marketing and more. Including the talent! Such as people to help design and manage your social media posts, emails, website, etc.

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