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Creating A Marketing Plan – 10 Questions You Need To Ask!

Grow Your Marketing:
Having a well thought out marketing plan is essential for success. Your business relies on it! So let’s break down 10 questions you need to ask yourself in order to get the most out of your marketing plan.

Question #1 – What want or need does your product or service fill? Understand the pain point of your customers is key to building a good marketing plan. The more you know, the better your message.

Question #2 – What is your target market? Who, What, When, Where, Why? Age, gender, interests, lifestyle, etc. Knowing these things are vital to a strong marketing plan. Where do they spend their time online? How do they currently find or become aware of companies that fill the want or need are trying to fill?

Question #3 – Who are your competitors? Try them! What makes you different? Why choose you? If you don’t have direct competitors, what are other solutions out there that try to fill the wants/needs of your customers? What makes you the best option?

Question #4 – What are the goals of your marketing plan? How many sales or leads do you want (or need) to get from it? What is your target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)? What is your starting budget and what percent of sales do you plan to invest back into marketing as you grow? When do you expect to achieve those metrics? Reverse engineer your goals and build realistic projections that ramp into achieving them because remember – marketing does not work overnight.

Question #5 – What is your strategy for search and social? What keywords do you want to rank for and run ads for on Google? What keywords do you want to rank high for on maps? What social channels do you want to build a presence on, what kind of content do you want to post and what kind of ads do you want to run. Spend some time here and it will save you time in the future!

Question #6 – What is your strategy to build a strong online reputation across multiple review sites? (Pro tip – set up a free review profile at )

Question #7 – What is your sales process once you generate a lead or sale? What collateral, emails, videos do you need to create to assist your sales team? Once a potential customer is in your sales funnel don’t let them go without a fight.

Question #8 – How do you build automated marketing to nurture your leads and customers? Retargeting ads, Email automation and more.

Question #9 – What content does your website need to have? What landing pages do you need? What marketing funnels do you need to build? Your website is a living breathing organism so don’t be surprised if this list of content grows over time.

Question #10 – Who is in charge of managing your marketing and held accountable to the plan, optimizing the campaigns, meeting goals/objectives, etc? How often will you review the results and make adjustments? If no one is accountable, nothing will get done.

Once that’s all thought through, write out your plan! Design all your ad campaigns: write your ads, design your ads, create videos, emails, landing pages, etc.. — create all your funnels! Stay highly targeted. Kickoff all your campaigns! From there you optimize based on what you learn and watch as your plan (and business) takes off!

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Presented by: JB Kellogg

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