3 LinkedIn Marketing Tips That Will Generate New Customers and Boost Engagement

Learn these 3 simple tips to making LinkedIn you’re #1 marketing tool.
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If you work in the corporate world, you’re on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an amazing tool not only to find new jobs but to generate leads and customers.

The first thing you need to know is that you should be posting daily, ideally two to three times a day and when you’re posting, you need to spread it out.

Second, spread out your posts and when you’re spreading them out, try to spread them out by at least two hours in between each post. By doing that you’re gonna get more engagement per post.

Third, test out different post types.

So, if you notice on my LinkedIn page some of the posts are just links from my blog.

I’m putting the first few paragraphs of my blog post and then from there I’m putting a click to continue reading link that drives people back to my blog.

Another type of post that I put on LinkedIn is basic status updates. It could be inspirational quotes or motivational quotes and I find those to get the most engagement for me.

When you’re posting on Linkedin, try different post types because it’ll help build up your engagement and the number of influencers that you’re connected to, the number of friends you’re connected to and then when you post content related to your website, it’ll drive more traffic.

Not only will you have a more popular LinkedIn page but you’ll also generate more traffic to your site.

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