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I Built Over 10 Million Followers on TikTok in 1 Year. Here’s How You Can, Too.

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Remember two years ago when you would make fun of people who used TikTok? Don’t worry, I did the same. And yes, I deeply regret it. Now all you see people talking about is TikTok. A lot of people struggle with creating content on the internet. They’re often met with uncertainty after attempting to create content online — especially on TikTok. TikTok is changing the internet marketing game. If you can grow a solid following on the platform, you will be able to conquer any market that you step foot in.

About a year ago, I finally decided to start using the app — and to my surprise, I was hooked. I knew that the app had potential far beyond anything I had ever seen. So I started to post content, every day, without fail.

Fast forward to now: I have amassed 10 million followers across all of my social media accounts. I was able to build multiple revenue streams and finally knew what I wanted to do with my life. From being a broke high school student to now being able to live life on my own terms has been one of the greatest blessings ever. Over the past few years, I have been able to scale over 10 million organic followers on the platform, and here are some tips that I utilized in order to help me get there.

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1. Script generation

You need to be generating captivating scripts every single day in order to see growth. If you don’t have engaging scripts, your content will flop. The tactic I used to build a following is through telling a story. If you can tell a story in your script, your content will reach the algorithm in no time. Many people go into a rabbit hole when trying to brainstorm scripts. Something that will help you generate ideas is looking at other creators in your niche. Look at what type of content they are posting and try to replicate their style.

2. Gaining account authority

If you think of your favorite celebrity or influencer, you will notice that all of their content gets exposure. That’s because they have the authority to create content that gets reactions every time.

If you want to get to 100,000 followers on TikTok, you have to have account authority. Every piece of content you create has to get engagement. But how do you do that? Your scripts need to be very captivating. You need to create content that people look forward to seeing more of. You can’t post a video of something random and expect to gain account authority; It needs to be enticing. Next time you post on TikTok, ask yourself, “If I keep creating similar content like this, will people interact with it?”

3. Iterations

Sometimes you will notice that your content doesn’t perform well. The first TikTok video I posted got seven views, but I never let it demotivate me. It is super important to analyze and iterate your content. See what went right and see what went wrong. Show the video to your friends and family and get their honest opinion. TikTok’s analytics will also help you find what went wrong in the video. By identifying this, you will be able to create better content down the road.

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4. Repeat

The hardest part about building a page on TikTok is staying consistent. If you can tackle the first three techniques, repeating the process over and over again will get you to 100,000 followers. Unless you are consistent and repeat these three techniques, you will not be able to gain a following on TikTok. Remember, discipline will take you places motivation can’t. Stay disciplined in your posting and it will pay off tremendously.

If you follow all the steps above, you will see consistent results. The main focus should be on creating entertaining content — the followers will come. Just like anything in life, you can’t chase the results without chasing the process. You have to provide value in order to receive results. If you chase only money, the money will never come. Likewise, if you chase only followers, you will never get any. You need to provide value to your viewers and your content needs to be entertaining. As long as you provide value to your viewers, the followers will come flocking.

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