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15 Highly Effective Marketing Phrases

Here are 15 highly effective marketing phrases at both getting you rolling as a marketer, but also at engaging your target audience—resulting in more leads and sales!

1- Imagine life with ____
2 – We challenge you to find a _____
3 – All we’re asking is ____
4 – It’s time for _____
5 – There’s no substitute for _____
6 – Experience the ______
7 – Prepare yourself for _____
8 – Simply stated, _______
9 – Here are just a few of the ______
10 – We’ve got the solution to your _____
11 – Just wait until you _____
12 – You’ll be drowning in a sea of _____
13 – Get ready to enjoy ______
14 – You owe yourself a _____
15 – Say good riddance to _____

Defeat writer’s block and try some of these phrases out on your next marketing piece!

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