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How to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship and not die trying?

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Getting involved in the right way with a client when offering our products or services, or simply standing out alongside other entrepreneurs, is difficult, however, it is not impossible. That is why the importance of creating and maintaining a good reputation as an entrepreneur so that you can make yourself known in the right way, sell and sustain your company.

That is why today I am going to tell you the three main tips for you to develop an image of impact and triumph in the world of entrepreneurship.

As a society, we are used to and molded to be routine, to obey, and to do “what has to be done.” From a young age we are taught that one must study elementary school, then high school, then go through high school, go through college and choose a “typical” career to get a decent job to save for retirement and then die.

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The world of entrepreneurship is becoming more and more complex. We are more and more entrepreneurs who want to succeed and create our own companies to break with the routine and add value to all those who need us. That is why developing an image strategy from the beginning will help you reach your target audience in a more effective way.

According to the Failure Institute , a Mexico-based social company dedicated to helping people break free from life-limiting paradigms, 75% of startups in Latin America close their doors after two years.

After several years of experience, dedicating myself to the world of business renewal, I can assure you that most of these ventures that failed, it is because they did not have an image strategy behind.

So that your entrepreneurship is not part of this list, pay attention to the following tips so that they help you in the world of entrepreneurship.

Tip number one: dedicate yourself to your passion


Tip number one, for me without a doubt, is the most important. As all entrepreneurs know, creating your own business requires you to dedicate your life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if it is not something that you are truly passionate about, you are not going to achieve it.

When I started my degree, I was excited to start generating my own income and putting the knowledge I was learning into practice. That is why, together with a friend, we started our social media management venture. We were in charge of producing content for companies of other entrepreneurs. After getting one or two clients, after six months, our venture died. Why? Because we hated what we did, endless work was done to us, we were in a bad mood all the time, it was horrible when a new client came to us. Who would say, right?

When we decided to close our venture, I set out to discover what really made me happy, to find the meaning of the typical phrase “work at something that doesn’t feel like work”. And since I discovered my passion, helping companies to renew their internal and external image, things flow by themselves, my mood changed, it is much easier for me to create content for my networks, etc.

That is why, today I am telling you from my own experience, that if you don’t like what you do, get out of there immediately. I assure you that you will succeed if you dedicate yourself to what you are passionate about.

Tip number two: Find your differentiator


According to a BBC News article published in 2019, there are around 7.7 billion people in the world. It is impossible that our passions do not coincide with those of other people, that is why we need to find what makes us different.

Take the example of professional tennis players, according to the ATP ranking (Association of Professional Tennis Players) there are more than 2,000 people who are professionally dedicated to this sport. Now, why Rafael Nadal, or Roger Federer, are always in the first places ?, because they found their differentiator.

What I would like to get to with this is that if you share the same passion with more than 1,000 people, don’t lose hope . We all have something different to bring to the world, be it a different flavor, a unique experience, personalized service, etc.

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Now, the most important thing, how to find it. There are various exercises that we can do when creating our product or service that at the same time will help us to know our differentiator as a brand and communicate it in the correct way. There are two exercises that have worked for me in particular and could work for you, for example, if you are a structured person and you like to go step by step, I recommend the Canvas model . It is a tool designed by Dr. Alexander Osterwalder, which is a system that will help you create business models in a dynamic and visual way.

If you are a more sentimental and profound person, I recommend the Ikigai, a Japanese model, created to find your life purpose. Combining your passion, your vocation, what you love to do, what the world needs, among others, will result in your “Ikigai” . Personally, this is my favorite, since it defines very well how your talent, profession and passion can be created in an enterprise.

Tip Number Three: Create Your Personal Branding


Once you have managed to find your passion and what makes you different, you are ready to launch yourself as an entrepreneur through good Personal Branding , but what is this?
In recent years, we have seen how many people become the image of their company or business, and no, they are not the already well-known influencers.

These people decided to bring their company to life through the heart of the brand, that is, themselves.

Many people think that it is something simple, however, it is much more than just looking good in photos. We must produce an aspirational character for our target audience, create a graphic identity, professional photographs and develop a correct brand tone.

As human beings, we like to interact with other human beings. By seeing a face that represents your brand or company, it will be much easier to generate empathy and closeness with your customers.

The main objective of Personal Branding is that when they mention your name they instantly relate it to your company and vice versa. Such is the case of Mark Zuckerberg , we hear his name, and immediately, we think of Facebook . Or when we mention the Apple brand, we immediately think of Steve Jobs .

Not long ago, I worked with a person who sells products such as vitamins and proteins to improve people’s physical condition. This person approached me because he could not sell his products, people did not trust his Instagram , since they only saw photographs of the products and the occasional phrase.

It was then that I recommended him to create his Personal Branding , present himself on his social networks and start uploading publications where he was the one to tell them how his products have improved his life. Today, on his Instagram we can find photos of him consuming the products, his storytelling telling how he has improved his life through implementing these products in his daily routine. Thanks to this change, their sales have increased by almost 70 percent.

Without a doubt, it is a complicated path of self-knowledge and a lot of patience, but once you have managed to know your passion, what makes you different and create a coherent image, the rest is simply easy.

If you made it this far, I hope that these three tips will help you to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship and, most importantly, that you don’t die trying.

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