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3 Ways to Get Back on Track for Business Growth and Financial Freedom

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The digital-information age has created opportunities for entrepreneurs to get in front of the over 4 billion daily internet users. Social media alone offers business leaders a chance to reach a large audience easier and with far fewer expenses. 

Despite these effective ways to build a business, many entrepreneurs are not growing their business in the ways they hope to. You may be reading this, experiencing frustration about the lack of revenue growth, decrease in client acquisition or several growth metrics that feel off. 

The growth you seek is not a mystery. If your business isn’t growing and giving you financial freedom, there are several essential areas you can address to get back on track. 

1. Focus on nurturing prospects through strategic content marketing

Too often, the only good content that comes from entrepreneurs is when they’re trying to sell something. Between promotional periods, the content that’s published is sporadic, lacks a theme and does not add value. 

In the digital-information age, consumers are swamped with sales offers. They are constantly being sold to, and it’s hard for them to know what’s real and what’s not. They see fancy copy, invest in training and are disappointed in what ends up being high-level fluff.

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Consumers are cautious about how they invest their time and resources. The way you show consumers you’re worth their attention is through solid and consistent content marketing. 

When you add value through how-to blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, newsletters and more, you stand apart from all of the entrepreneurs online that are screaming “Buy from me.” You establish the know, like and trust factor in cold prospects’ minds because you’re providing real help. 

If you’re not growing your business to your desired level, take an honest look at your content marketing. Do you have a system and plan? Do you need to post more how-to content that helps solve the pain points of your ideal clients? 

2. Create a system to generate potential clients consistently

If your sales plan is to inbox people on social media or post in a bunch of random Facebook groups, you won’t experience exponential growth in your business. Too many entrepreneurs experience stagnation in this department because they don’t have a plan for generating leads that turn into clients. 

A good lead-generation system starts with content marketing at its base. It then examines all the ways to reach ideal target consumers where they are. It incorporates the leveraging of social proof to show consumers you are indeed an expert.

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Lead generation can include strategies such as advertising, but it also relies on your value-content to sales-content ratio. It’s a strategic system that constantly reaches new consumers, adds value and promotes what you offer. 

You can’t be afraid to sell. If you are, you should consider outsourcing the selling. You offer value to your consumers and should not be afraid to charge for that value. Unsatisfactory growth can often be traced back to a lack of consistent promotions. 

3. Take good care of yourself — always 

You’re busy doing all the work that builds your business. There are no shortage of responsibilities, and time seems to move too quickly. In the hustle of doing the growth work, it’s easy to lose yourself. 

A lack of business growth often stems from a burnt-out entrepreneur. The thought of one more task sends you running for cover. You’re working long hours, always on and can’t remember the last time you had a moment to breathe. 

You’ll never build an empire as a burnt-out, and as a result, bitter entrepreneur. The path to growth starts with self-care and understanding the importance of making yourself a priority. 

You can’t give what you don’t have. You can’t keep going if you have nothing left in the tank. It’s time to put yourself first:

  • Take time entirely away from work.
  • Take care of your body through exercise, proper nutrition, massages and all the things that make you feel good. 
  • Say no to clients and connections that try to cross your boundaries. 
  • Do something fun often. 
  • Reward yourself for the progress you’re making. 

It’s time to take full advantage of all the opportunities in the digital-information age. Take an honest look at these three areas and find ways to tailor your strategies accordingly. 

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