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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Podcast

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Over the past decade, digital innovations have unlocked countless opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish their and grow it — whether personally, professionally or both — so long as they seize the opportunity to do so. In today’s ever-growing and ever-evolving world, however, breaking through the digital noise of the online world is easier said than done. As such, entrepreneurs need to gain every competitive edge they can to help propel their brand towards success.

One of the best ways entrepreneurs and leaders can accomplish this is by creating content to grow both the social following and the monetary success of their platform. Since starting my own podcast and subsequently founding my own media company around it, I have experienced exponential growth for both my personal and professional brands. 

Here are some of the reasons why every other entrepreneur needs to start a podcast for themselves if they haven’t already.

Podcasts allow you to explore and grow alongside your passion

As entrepreneurs, the success of our ventures is directly correlated to our passion for it. While even something as seemingly insignificant as sitting in front of a microphone in an empty room to record your podcast’s first episode can feel intimidating, podcasting grants you the space and time to explore not only what you want to talk about, but also why and how. In finding your unique voice and refining how you present yourself to the world, you’ve already taken the first step in building trust in your listeners through your passion, drive and authenticity.

Finding your true voice through podcasting won’t come overnight, nor will your podcast’s success. When I first began podcasting, I noticed that my voice and messaging felt scattered compared to other podcasters in my field. Several years later, however, I have learned how to refine my voice and messaging through my passion for marketing and brand-building. 

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Podcasting teaches you how to ask better questions

Perhaps one of the most important skills any entrepreneur can possess is the ability to ask strong and valuable questions, regardless of setting or circumstances. This is because the fastest (and often easiest) way to obtain the information we seek is by asking questions.

Whenever you sit down to interview a guest for your podcast, you are given a finite amount of time to gain as much information and value out of them as possible. As such, you will be forced to know which questions to ask to gain that value within the allotted time. Subsequently, understanding how to ask the right questions will carry over into other aspects of life, including personal relationships, business negotiations and more.

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Podcasting is a great way to network and build relationships

For most entrepreneurs, their true worth lies in the value of their network and connections. Remember the adage: It’s about who you know, not what you know that matters. Like any social platform, podcasting is an exceptional way to foster and grow meaningful relationships with others.

With a podcast in your entrepreneurial arsenal, you are able to equip yourself with an additional tool to grow and foster your network as it gives you a competitive advantage in accessing key individuals and leaders you may not have been able to otherwise. Additionally, those individuals possess the potential to add additional value to your network if you continue to stay in touch with them.

Since starting my podcast, I’ve gone on to interview hundreds of leading professionals. Each of those individuals has become a part of my professional network, and many have gone on to become valuable connections, mentors or even personal friends. 

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A podcast lets you build your brand and keep it relevant

Every entrepreneur must understand just how crucial it is for their brand and the product or service it offers to remain relevant in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. In starting and growing your podcast, your product is the content you produce for it, and the service offered is the quality of that content for your audience.

What many entrepreneurs may not realize is that customers and consumers of digital content want to hear what you have to say. By providing them with valuable content that is relevant to them and their interests, it offers them an opportunity to engage with your product in a more meaningful way.

Similarly, regularly engaging with guest speakers or other industry experts on your podcast grants you as the host an opportunity to continue learning about relevant topics and news that can bring additional value to you, your brand as well as your audience of listeners. The more often you can bring value to your audience, the more relevant your podcast and brand will continue to be, which grants you another competitive advantage in today’s growing podcast market.

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