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Do you have an educational center or do you teach courses? Boost it through Instagram to attract more students

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The education sector is one of the most competitive markets, today there are many options and facilities for people to continue their education. For this reason, you must ensure that you apply the appropriate strategies so that your school or courses stand out from the competition.

If we take into account that Instagram is the third social network with the highest percentage of users in Mexico, 73% according to the Statista Research Department study, the platform becomes an important tool to enhance continuing education, and also helps to strengthen the relationship between the educational institution and entrepreneurs offering courses and students.

Use social networks to attract your students! Do not miss the opportunity to generate engagement with your future and current students through your Instagram account. With it, schools or businesses that offer courses have a greater possibility of sharing information of interest about their workshops or educational plans and activities.

If you have an educational center or give courses and want to promote it through Instagram to attract more students, here we share the benefits and actions you can take to position your business on social networks:

Express yourself with short and fun videos – Create videos in reels of up to 30 seconds with multiple clips. This tool allows you to generate content to strengthen engagement and humanize brands. Get creative with your content using augmented reality filters and easy-to-use audio tools to communicate your services.

Bring your educational center or online courses to life – a key tool for telling your brand story, entertaining and connecting with your audiences is video. We recommend doing lives or feeding the Instagram Videos area found in the users profile, where IGTV and feed videos are combined into a single format. Long-length videos allow you to tell your brand story, connect with your audience, and reach more people more easily. You can share student testimonials in a simple and direct way, that talk about the qualities to show your potential students why it is convenient for them to choose your institution or course. You can also make videos with comments from former students about their experience, and how it has benefited them in the workplace.

Connect in More Ways – Respond to or clarify concerns from parents, students, or prospects through DM. Send messages, photos and videos with text included. You can also send publications or connect by video chat to offer a more personalized service.

Interact with your students – Add the question sticker and other interactive features to your stories to share and receive feedback. Stories are a quick and easy way to share everyday moments and experiences. Communicate announcements, events or news agenda, use text, music, stickers and GIFs to make your story come to life.

Make sure you take advantage of social networks, not only as a means to promote your courses or services, but also to strengthen ties and maintain good communication with your community and potential clients.

Here are some examples of entrepreneurs who give educational courses and who have known how to make the most of Instagram to increase their students, pay attention that it can be useful:

Ale Bu lettering – What started as a hobby, became a platform for online and face-to-face workshops and recently an online store. People started asking Mayra, the founder, for calligraphy and watercolor workshops, so she started giving online courses. This is how Ale Bu lettering started in December 2018, a project that grew during the pandemic, as it expanded to other countries and even this year it closed a contract with a European brand to give a course in English.

  • What works the most for him are Lives and Reels talking about upcoming workshops or doing tutorials. They have found in these tools a great vehicle to make themselves known, promote their courses and thus have more students. The content you seek to generate is educational. Mayra comments that 70% of the sales of her courses come from Instagram.
  • In a one-video campaign offering a free calligraphy guide, he had a huge growth in followers. Out of 100 people who follow her in one day, 1% become clients and when she opens workshops they are already active. Of 100 pesos that you invest, they have a return on investment of 5 times.
  • At the beginning I had a workshop for 8 to 12 people a month. It currently conducts 2 to 3 workshops per month and 20 to 22 people sign up.
  • “Instagram and Facebook have been the basis of the business, without the two platforms they would not have the national and international reach that I have, in addition to having the possibility of connecting with many people, creating a community and a support network with people who do the same in other countries! “, Mayra commented.
  • Examples: REEL , REEL , REEL , REEL

Carlota Flowers – Carlota Flower Lab was born in Michoacán in April 2016 by Paola and Rolando and is dedicated to selling luxury flower arrangements, making flowers for events and giving training so that other people with a love for flowers can learn about floral art. Carlota Flowers is an online flower shop where their best showcase has been Facebook and their best Instagram portfolio, where they can tell Carlota’s story, the constant effort they put into, the passion, love and dedication for what they do. When they started Carlota, they made the arrangements on top of a washing machine that they had at home, little by little they grew and adapted a workshop where to date they make their floral designs. All the sale is through social networks and the delivery is with home delivery or can be picked up in the workshop.

As they became known, many people asked them for courses in floral art, which was a hallmark of Carlota, so in 2018 they gave their first course in Mexico City and it was a success in large part to social networks. In 2020 they gave their first course in Los Angeles, California, and in September their first course in collaboration with one of the best schools in the world of floral art, McQueens Flower School in London.

“Facebook and Instagram have been two platforms for me that have changed my life, Carlota Flower Lab is a 100% online business and its only showcase is these two social networks, my business has been on the platforms for 5 years and without a doubt this network for me it was wonderful, ”said Paola.

  • Rolando and Paola explain that what works the most for them to attract new students is to upload a story of the course with the link sticker so that people can go to the details of the Feed. In the Feed they use the Carousel function so that people get excited and can see how they work in the course and the results of the montages they make.
  • The call to action is to send us a DM by IG or a WhatsApp to have a closer and personalized attention. It also helps them a lot to have testimonials from other students in the highlighted stories to build trust, which is essential to sell the workshops.
  • Instagram is our best sales platform and that is why we pay a lot of attention to the image and having a very striking feed.
  • Example

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