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Why Businesses Should Take a Page Out of Jake Paul’s Marketing Playbook

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Did you know that Jake Paul is only 24 years old? 

However, he’s already so famous and still gaining popularity day in and day out. The question now is, why?

Well, Paul is a renowned social-media personality. He became famous after sharing his video on the American video network known as Vine.

Many controversies might surround Jake Paul because of his antics. However, remember that bad publicity is still publicity, which is why he has found success in his various endeavors, making him such a playbook for businesses. 

His video went viral, and that was how he landed in a television program on the Disney channel, playing Dirk Mann on Bizaardvark.  

After some time, he got fired from the show, but it allowed him to explore his creativity more. He tried his hand at music and released some singles. He is also a boxing competitor who has participated in many fights and has never lost any.

Paul’s popularity has attracted many interested parties willing to strike a deal and offer him sponsorship because of his influence in the business world. He is a Youtuber who has millions of followers and uses the internet to advertise his upcoming events. It has helped him gain popularity in sports and also increased the number of views for his videos.

How has Jake maintained his fan base and fame despite the many controversies associated with him?

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Much of his success can be attributed to his unique business playbook. Here are some of his most effective strategies.

Appreciate your clients

Paul says that your clients are the reason your business prospers.  

Always appreciate them; show your clients that you’ve made it so far in business because of them. Paul stands out in his appreciation of his viewers and fans.

He’s also made it in his boxing career because of the support and encouragement he receives from his fans on YouTube and other internet platforms. Whenever he plans to participate in an event, he makes sure that his clients get the news first. 

Build your brand

Paul insists that you should not be afraid of doing what you think is best for your business. You must make sure your business gets noticed so that it can grow. 

Don’t be afraid to build up your name. It helps a lot in growth and sales. Paul became famous because he always came up with new ways to market his brand. He built his brand by doing business differently, embracing the controversies that make him more famous.

Have plans to succeed

Paul has always aimed high. He says that you should not let yourself fail but instead have targets that guarantee more returns in business.

Believe in yourself

Whenever you are set to do something, go for it; do not let anything discourage you. For a business to prosper, believe in yourself. You have to believe that whatever you are offering is the best in the market at that current time.

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Support your business

Be ready to support your business when you introduce yourself to the market, whatever the product or service. You should always be prepared with helpful information about your product or brands. 

Avail of sponsorships 

Sponsorship is not only a strategy that Paul uses, but also one the majority of influencers use nowadays. There are a few different types of sponsorship, but they can be easily categorized into two: financial and in-kind sponsorship. 

With financial sponsorship, social-media influencers are given money for them to continue making content. This is quite common on YouTube, especially in videos wherein the YouTuber suddenly diverts his or her content to talk about a particular product. 

On the other hand, in-kind sponsorship is commonly done with product-placement advertising. This is quite common on social-media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

For example, you will notice that social-media stars promote products in their stories and posts. These are pretty easy to spot since they must now indicate that their post contains paid advertisements.

Overall, companies offer figures like Paul sponsorships because it’s a win-win situation. After all, by using the large following of a social-media influencer like him, they can increase their brand awareness and credibility. 

With that said, if you’re looking to find success in the online world like Paul, finding the right sponsors for your content can increase your chances for success.

So, whether you love or hate him, it’s undeniable just how much Paul gets marketing. After all, his methods of promoting himself and his brand, however polarizing they may sometimes be, have made him a household name across the country and even worldwide.

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