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Pat Flynn Explains How to Build and Monetize Your Online Audience

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Know your audience, or you’ll have no audience. While this is a true and powerful statement, it’s not overly helpful. But, what if you could build your own audience, then develop a relationship that allows you to gain valuable insights so you could create the perfect solutions for them? This is exactly what Pat Flynn has done with his audience driven approach, and he’ll share step by step advice on how you can do the same.

Pat is the host of the Smart Passive Income and AskPat podcasts which have earned a combined total of over 70 million downloads. He also owns several successful online businesses, is a professional blogger, keynote speaker and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. 

But, during our interview, he shares how he was initially afraid to show his face or even let his voice be heard. Fortunately, he overcame that fear and he’ll provide actionable advice on how you can as well. 

In this conversation full of tactic-level guidance, Pat provides input on:

  • How to identify your audience, taking all the guesswork out of who you’re targeting 
  • Best practices for gaining valuable audience insights, which can be used to create high-impact products and services
  • Tools and techniques for creating a robust, meaningful online community
  • Levaraging a Commander’s Intent approach to remain relevant and valuable to your audience
  • How to overcome any self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from building your audience and revenue 

And, Pat will share information about The Audience Driven Summit. A free two-day deep-dive into the most effective and most relevant ways to approach building your audience. Can’t make it live? The full replay will be available for everyone who registers.

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