4 Proven Local SEO Tips to Rank High in “Near Me” Search

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Hey everyone, it’s Neil Patel here for another Q and A Thursday video. I’m here with Adam from

We have a question from Karsen, and his question for you is, how does one go about ranking high for SEO search terms including near me with geographic relevance? For this example, dog trainers near me.

0:30 Near me means, anytime you do a search, like plumbers near me, dog trainers near me, whatever it may be, like gardener near me, right? They’re including that term, near me, in the Google search. So, what he’s asking is, how can I rank my business when people are typing in whatever term plus near me?

Local SEO Tip #1
0:40 The first thing you need to do, whatever you wanna rank for, Google it. Type in that plus near me and you’ll see all the localized sites that Google’s pulling from for those near me listings. Make sure you’re listed there. By getting listed there, it helps tremendously, because if they’re pulling from those sites and you’re there, there’s a higher chance that you’re gonna get listed.

Local SEO Tip #2
1:10 The next tip we have is you wanna make sure you’re listing the local landmarks, town lines, as well as old school like driving directions to wherever that you’re servicing.

1:30 On your website, you wanna list all the little subsections of Boston or whatever city you’re servicing, all the landmarks, all the town lines, because they could be all close to each other, and you even wanna go as far as putting the localized old school directions from how people are gonna get to wherever they are to you. By doing that you’re gonna be much better off in getting more traffic.

Local SEO Tip #3
2:00 You also wanna make sure you have a localized number. Everyone’s like oh, you wanna 800 number or an eight eight eight number, but no, you wanna localized number so people know that you’re there, you’re in person, and you’re not one of those, you know, sites that has near me listings for every single city

Local SEO Tip #4
2:40 In addition to that, when people go look for services near them, whether it’s plumbing, dog sitting, dog walking, they also check out your overall company or you and how you’re doing overall. So they may go to Yelp and those national services to type in your name to see how many reviews you have and if you’re legitimate.

3:00 Make sure you ask people who have a good experience to leave a review on whatever site, whether it’s Google, or whether it’s you know on Yelp or whatever it may be, because it helps create legitimacy, ’cause even if you’re not ranking at the top by having more reviews, people’ll be like, oh wow, you got 500 or 600 reviews, we’re more likely to list you.

3:20 When you do that search, Google has a local path, and let’s say they pick three listings, and the number one spot has ten reviews, the number two spot has seven reviews, and you’re the third spot, if you get a ton of reviews and now you have 50 or 100 reviews, what you’ll find is a lotta people will click on the listing with more reviews and if they click on you more than the other two, eventually Google will push the other two down and push you above them. So, follow those tips. You’ll get way more traffic for people looking for your business or your service near you.

3:50 Definitely. And I should say that the very fact that you’re watching this as a local business, sets you so far apart than all the other local businesses. So just know like you’re already killin’ it just by like following a few of these tips.

4:00 Whether you’re watching this or you’re doing something that’s huge, ’cause when I talk to most localized businesses they’re like yeah, we get our business from word-of-mouth, or we hand out flyers to community businesses around us. And I’m like, alright, there’s Internet, there’s phone, like yes, you should still do those offline tactics, but you should also use digital tactics as well.

4:30 If you have a local business, just, why don’t you comment below? This is an awesome community of people who are like really trying to get it all together, so tell us a little bit about the business as well, love to see that.

Thank you for watching. Make sure you subscribe, share, tell your friends about us. Thank you very much.

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