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The advantages of telling your story to sell on the internet

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By Vanessa Páez, Copywriter & Content Specialist at SpicyMinds

Colin Kaepernick vía Twitter

Once upon a time, there was a digital marketer wanting to achieve his goals, but he found himself saying the same thing as many others. Why? Because he had not realized that each brand, each object, each company has its own story to tell, you just need to know how to tell it.

Storytelling has been shown to help consumers make personal and emotional connections with brands. It is proven by various investigations that confirm that 55% of consumers who connect and love the story of a brand , are willing to make a purchase; therefore, we can see that many marketing strategists are focusing their actions on communicating these brand messages.

Brand story-centric marketing is a good start to any campaign as it establishes strong connections with potential brand consumers. Once there is knowledge of the history and existence of the brand, specialists can focus on starting to get a loyal following for the products or services that the company offers. This is where storytelling is key, since it will define the way to sell to the brand through the creativity with which the story is told,

Now that we can understand the importance of this, let’s move on to the basic and necessary tips to build a good storytelling :

Create a story


The first thing that is needed within the brand narrative is a story that is compelling. By preparing the story, it is as if you are setting the stage where consumers are going to find a way to interact with the brand. Consumers love the roots of things, so it’s a great tactic to show this narrative. Creating a unique story and developing it is a great way to take advantage of the values that make up the brand and share them organically with customers.

Make an emotional connection

Image: Colin Kaepernick via Twitter

Once you know what you are going to tell, it’s time to move on to knowing how to tell it to connect emotionally with the audience. Take for example the famous Nike campaign with Colin Kaepernick where “Just Do It” took a revolutionary path with his famous claim “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Just do it. “ Thanks to this, a connection of stories was formed. Not only did the brand tell its story, but it also connected with specific stories of influential people that connected with even more people than they imagined. What was achieved? That Nike sales will increase 31% in days.

Use data to support the narrative


The data that comes from reliable sources helps to convey a message correctly. A clear example of this is the National Geographic social networks, which many times apart from containing the history of what each author of the photographs lives, include hard data about flora, fauna, climate change, or whatever. that is being talked about in the post. This allows the reader not only to soak up the story, but also to learn about what they are reading. Using data not only helps tell a story, it also helps reinforce it.

Make the story memorable


The goal of any story is usually to resonate, to be memorable, to endure. When the story of the brand is combined with the story of people’s daily lives or connected with something that people can relate to, they help the brand to create creative and powerful content that will become material that consumers want to share. and thus it will be possible to reach a broader or more specific audience.

Social networks and their importance


Needless to say, the importance that social networks have acquired within digital advertising and the world of marketing in general. Thanks to the diversity of ways in which we can use them, we have made advertising more accessible to everyone. For this reason, being surrounded by it, it is important to know how to stand out from the competition in an authentic way.

They not only help promote a brand, they build the brand itself. There are many brands that have been born and grown thanks to the networks, brands that at first did not think of being a brand as such nor did they know that they could benefit from it. A clear example of this are the influencers or blogs that come to life on Instagram such as Humans of New York, where each individual tells their own story.

Identify where you are going to direct your story


The brand narrative has a past, a present and a future. 92% of consumers have confirmed within studies that they want advertising to be shown in the form of a story, with attractive images and powerful content that can resonate in the consumer’s mind. It is important to always remember to be consistent with what you want to tell so as not to lose the loyalty of customers who have already fallen in love with the history of the brand, but of course, without being afraid to always find new and attractive ways to tell the story. same story as society advances and modifies its tastes and interests.

The story can adapt and evolve over time, so marketers always have to be aware of their surroundings and master their communication skills , whether verbal, written or visual. Having understood this, we can conclude this story: and this is how the marketer did an excellent job and lived happily ever after. The end.

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