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How to boost your fashion business with a strong online presence

Fashion is a great industry that continues to grow; entrepreneurs focused on this field have to compete with people from all over the world.

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Mexico City witnessed exciting moments during the most recent edition of Fashion Week . Designers, editors, journalists, bloggers , entrepreneurs, as well as fashionistas from all over Mexico, gathered this week to celebrate the creativity of an industry that continues to grow in our country.

According to research by The Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company , the global fashion industry is valued at approximately $ 2.4 billion. If it were classified in terms of GDP, it would represent the seventh largest economy in the world . [1]

It is clear that fashion is a great industry and that it continues to grow; entrepreneurs focused on this field have to compete with people from all over the world. In addition, today, the fashion industry has been influenced by e-commerce, the need to have a digital presence and to be constantly online and by the presence of strong and creative social networks.

There are different examples of how an online presence can help entrepreneurs focused on the fashion industry achieve success. We have heard cases of clothing and accessories worn by celebrities, royals or influencers , being sold online like hotcakes after gaining notoriety on the internet.

If you are a fashion entrepreneur looking for the best way to build your brand and grow your business, you should probably consider developing a website and online presence. Here are some tips to help you get started:

The first step is to find a domain name that corresponds to your business idea. This will be the foundation on which you will build your online presence, so it is important that you find a domain name that reflects the essence of your business, with an attractive name and easy to spell, so that it is easier to find it through the search engines.

Whether you are starting your own fashion line, developing a blog, or providing specialized services for this industry, the first step is to build an aesthetically appealing website. Fashion is full of creativity; Make sure you create a visually striking website with the highest quality photos. Each of your creations has its own story to tell; use visuals and images to display your products.

  • Consider selling online: If you want to sell clothing, accessories, or footwear, you may want to sell your products online. Now more than ever, fashion is a global industry and trends transcend borders, so adding an online store to your website is a good way to grow your brand. Do not forget that before taking this step, you must consider inventory management, orders, returns and all the logistics that electronic commerce entails.
  • Keep your fans , readers, and clients informed: In the fashion industry you must be the first to propose a new trend and share it with others. Keeping your customers informed of the latest fashion proposals will help you develop loyalty and interest. Email marketing is an easy and accessible way to keep in touch with your followers, share news, special offers and the latest high-impact catalog or newsletter that you have created.
  • Social media is your friend : Adding social media to your online presence is particularly important for an industry that relies heavily on the visual and aesthetic appeal of the products on offer. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are examples of platforms you can consider.

Establishing your online presence is a fundamental step for all entrepreneurs – whether in the fashion industry or any other – to have access to a greater number of potential clients in Mexico, or globally and to help the growth of your business .

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