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Twitter experiments with the ‘dislike’ button

The social network includes the ‘I don’t like’ button to “understand the type of responses that you consider relevant in a conversation.”

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Twitter is experimenting with the possibility of implementing the ‘I don’t like ‘ button in published tweets. Currently, only iOS users can vote with this new feature.

The main purpose is to have a way to “understand the type of responses that you consider relevant in a conversation, in order to work on showing you more of those types of responses,” according to the platform.

However, the ‘Dislikes’ are not yet publicly displayed ; therefore, so far, there is no data that mentions any negative effect on users. What we have seen is some concern about people’s mental health because this tool can be used in a negative or toxic way.

Twitter made two different versions to interact with the ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ buttons: The first is a thumbs up and a thumbs down, the second is with arrows in the same directions, as the Reddit platform does.

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