4 Ways to Decrease Your Bounce Rate (Rank Higher in Google)

If people keep bouncing off your site, you’ll notice that you won’t convert visitors into customers and your search engine rankings won’t go up.
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The first thing you need to do in order to decrease your bounce is showcase your product or service right away.

The chances are people are coming to your site to buy something, showcase what they are looking for.

If they are coming to your site for information instead, then showcase your content first.

With my blog, people would come for information, but I would first show an email optin. My bounce rate was high… I then removed the optin and my bounce rate decreased.

Next, you need to increase your font size. Make sure your text size is large enough where people can read it. This is really important on mobile devices.

After you fix your text size, make your design minimalistic. The more minimalistic your design is, the lower your bounce rate will be. I tested this out on the Crazy Egg blog and it worked well.

In addition to adjusting your design, cross-link. By linking to internal pages people will stick on your site for longer.

You can also use images, it helps convey your message in a visual way. Again this decreases bounce rate. Or you can use audio or video content formats if you prefer them over images.

Just follow the steps above and your bounce rate will decrease.

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