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10 commercials that live in the hearts of all of us who grew up in the 90s

Do you remember these ads? If you were born in the 80s, sure you are.

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When I was a child, I loved a water commercial that appeared on afternoon shows where you could hear women singing. I don’t know why, but it put me in a really good mood.

Like this commercial for Clight ( whose music has its own video ), there are many ads that not only met their goal of promoting a product or service for a period of time, but also became an important part of popular culture.

These ads have good animation, a catchy jingle , a straightforward and powerful tagline, or are just plain funny and / or innovative. For example, we all remember the thousands of memes and jokes that came up a couple of years ago with Chris Evans’s Lala commercial . Beyond the product that it advertised, milk with protein, that announcement will mark an interesting moment in Latin American marketing.

What makes a commercial memorable?

This is the million dollar question (literally). What do these commercials have in common that we can recite from memory? In 2015 Steve Olensk did a survey in Forbes and found that these ads have any of the following characteristics.

  • Feeling or humor: They make you laugh or generate a memorable feeling.
  • They have good taglines : That is, phrases with few words, but strong messages.
  • They have a good jingle : Nothing like a memorable tune to make people remember over and over again the message you want to give them.
  • They remind them of “something”: Simply, the ad arose in a moment that is remembered with nostalgia because it was seen when the person was small.
  • They always have a high impact concept: The main message of the commercial is simple, powerful and therefore permanent.

10 commercials that those of us who grew up in the 90s remember

With this in mind, we leave you 10 commercials that you surely remember if you grew up in the decade in which we changed the millennium, the internet is here to stay and musical groups were the most sought after on the radio.

1. Conté Evolution pencils from BIC

@it is from yesterday

Commercial de pencils Conté Evolution by BIC (1997) ## retro ## vintage ## vhs ## 90s ## 80s ## nostalgia ## comercialvintage ## pencils

original sound – Es De Ayer

Why We Remember It: The animation was fun, a catchy song, and it reminded us of the excitement of going back to school to show off our new pencils.

2. Charmin toilet paper


Reply to @ alexis_ramiro_21 ## charminpapeldebano ## charmin ## comercial ## fyp ## parati ## fouryou ## chavorruco @ alexis_ramiro_21

original sound – chavorruco

Why we remember it: This commercial announced the arrival in Mexico of the American brand of toilet paper and did so with a very Latin tune: the cha-cha. It was so catchy that this is still part of their catchphrase to this day.

3. Sanborns

@ desireetiktok11

## tvcomercialesretro ## sanborns ## detodounpocoperoretro ## 90s

♬ original sound – let’s remember

Why We Remember It: This ad is endearing because it shows a dad making midnight sacrifices to pamper his pregnant wife and he manages to do all of that in one place. The message is clear: whatever you need, however varied it may be, you would find it in Sanborns.

4. Caprice

@it is from yesterday

Reply to @ ivonneortiz855 Caprice (1997) ## retro ## vintage ## 90s ## Nostalgia ## chavorruco ## comercialesvintage ## comercialesretro ## comercialesantiguos

original sound – Es De Ayer

Why we remember it: This ad is so popular that the phrase “Your mommy does take care of you” became part of the idiomatic expressions, -the ones used daily-, of Mexicans to say that something is elegant or beautiful.

5. Sabritazos


## comercialvintage ## vintage ## tazossabritas

original sound – Retro Videos

Why we remember it: The Sabritazos campaign was one of the most successful of the 90s because collecting the tokens became crazy among elementary school children of the time. Personally, I still have my Looney Tunes collection .

6. Manzanita Sol

Why we remember it: This ridiculous commercial won our hearts because of the little tear that the extraterrestrial visitor drops when he cannot get his favorite apple soda and because at the end of the ad, the visitor manages to conquer the heroine. Jewel.

7. Sabrimágicos de Sabritas

Why we remember it: Being completely honest, no one remembers them as Sabrimágicos if not as pepsilindros. Who does not remember hurting their hands with the cold water that we used to make the glasses change color?

8. Circo Atayde Hermanos

Why we remember it: The Atayde Circus is an institution in Mexico and its slogan “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go to the Atayde Hermanos Circus” is a legend to this day.

9. Fabulous

Why we remember it: This cleaner has broken borders and is present in the vast majority of Mexican homes (inside and outside the country) along with Pinol. The advertising meoldía is iconic and this particular commercial ran in the evenings while our moms watched the soap operas.

10. Boreal

Why we remember it: It is a commercial of cat puppets singing to the Moon the delights of Boreal milk. What cannot be loved about this premise?

We are probably missing a lot of famous 90s commercials. What was your favorite?

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