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Serious mistakes in Content Marketing that cost companies

Content marketing is a way of providing your potential customers with informative content to questions they seek, with the purpose of meeting a need.

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Currently content marketing is one of the smartest investments a company can make, especially if you are in the early stages. Although companies have the good intention of implementing effective strategies, they do not always turn out what they expected and end up being mistakes that cost a lot, as startups become very sales or end up ignoring SEO. Remember that if you are one of these companies that is in the early stages, you cannot afford to spend your scarce resources.

So this time we will list the main mistakes companies make when they implement content marketing without a correct strategy. Before anything else, you should know that content marketing is a way of providing your potential customers with informative content to questions they seek, with the purpose of meeting any need. When customers, little by little, see in you someone they trust who is giving them feedback and who also offers them the answers to the questions they are looking for, in a natural way, they will approach you looking for the purchase later.

According to a 2020 Hubspot survey of around 40% of marketers say that content marketing is a very important part of their overall strategy. So, G2 Consultores offers you the following recommendations to generate the best content strategy without making the following mistakes:

  1. Don’t use big data to develop your content strategy . Do not build a strategy from scratch, without foundation and only considering what you think your reader would like. If you do it from this breadbox, your strategy will probably fail, since you do not have data that justifies the interest of your customers. Try to analyze the competitors to see which blog articles are generating ROI, better interaction; rescue the topics and add them to your editorial calendar. Start by asking the following questions: Who is the target audience? Does the content respond to the needs of the market? What value does it bring? When you generate quality content, you are likely to be seen as an authority on the subject that you are a specialist. And the best impacts is that your content will be read, shared by your readers on their own networks, increasing visibility.
  2. Not determining the goal of each content marketing topic. Most of your customers won’t be ready to buy from you the first time they hear from your company. Initially by touching on a particular topic that is a need for your audience, they will become aware that they have a problem that they must solve, they investigate and explore the different solutions, in the end they end up making a purchase decision to solve it.
  3. Don’t take SEO into account. This error is very common, so the recommendations to implement it are always followed. Search engines generate ten times more website traffic than any of your other channels that you have decided to implement, so investing in SEO should be a priority. Start by doing keyword research to optimize search, Inlink optimization, and more.
  4. Not reviewing the performance of content marketing. A mistake that you should not make is not taking the time to review the performance of the efforts you are making, if something is not working you will not know it and therefore you will not be able to cut that specific tactic to pivot to much more valuable initiatives.

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