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How to grow your business from your cell phone

Mexico is already a digital country: more than 70% of the population has access to the internet and 81% of the people have a cell phone.

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The digitization of commerce is a trend that is here to stay and thanks to the tools of the fintech sector it is increasingly easier for SMEs to participate in electronic commerce .

Although it is true that there are still challenges regarding the adoption of digital and financial tools in Mexico, it is also important that we demystify digitization. Mexico is already a digital country: more than 70% of the population has access to the internet and 81% of the people have a cell phone.

From a cell phone you can perform many of the activities necessary for your business to grow. For example, through the payment links , your customers can pay for their products and services in a matter of minutes, from WhatsApp or any messaging application, without having to enter a web page.

When the client receives the link, they click and three payment options are displayed: cash, card or bank transfer. Once the payment is made, you receive a confirmation in real time.

The use of payment links and a smartphone as a business tool has several advantages:

  1. Eliminate payment friction: By receiving payment options by text message, your customer does not have to worry about additional steps to complete the purchase. The process to pay is simple and safe, motivating customers to complete their purchase without the products being left in a cart. This also has the advantage of promoting a better experience for your consumers.
  2. It is close: By being in contact with your customers through channels such as WhatsApp, you can stay present and follow up on their needs. This is especially important in the new normal, which calls for creative ways to connect with people and when consumers are exposed to a large number of products online.
  3. It is hybrid and contactless: Payment links can be used even in physical shopping spaces – to avoid contact between people – promoting the necessary health and hygiene guidelines during the new normal. At the same time, if your customer chooses to pay in cash, they can complete an online purchase in person. By offering more payment times, you can also increase your sales.

The digitization and implementation of solutions such as online payments should not be complicated for Mexican businesses. In fact, the tools for a business to grow are already in our hands and all businesses can take advantage of them.

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