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If You Still Don’t Know What Clubhouse Is, You Should. Here’s How the App Can Take Your Business to the Next Level.

This invite-only platform is an excellent way to learn from experts, find exceptional employees and become an established authority in your field. 

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is an audio-based drawing in celebrities, huge businesses, crypto experts and social-media stars. The platform is like a podcast  but on steroids.

Clubhouse users can engage with an array of audio-only activities on the app. Some events are scheduled and marketed ahead of time while others pop up randomly. Users can create rooms and clubs in this virtual space  some events are interactive, allowing multiple users to participate in a discussion, but others are more like presentations or panels. These conversations aren’t recorded, so users must be on the app at the right time to hear content.  

The versatile platform is currently in a beta stage, meaning that it’s trying to control its audience while it finalizes bugs and works out exactly how it wants its platform to work. Because of this, Clubhouse is invite-only and not open to the general public. If you manage to score an invite from an existing user, now is the time to establish your profile and gain traction. 

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Using Clubhouse for organic growth

Clubhouse has excellent potential for organic business growth, and the key is to get your business profile started now. While the platform has grown exponentially in the past few months, even with an invite-only feature, now is a great time to build your reach before the general population floods the app. Here are three ways you can use Clubhouse to develop your business today.

1. Networking

Clubhouse connects you with people in your industry. By using the app, you can hear industry perspectives and trends as they are happening. You don’t need to wait for the next national conference or industry report to come out you can hear from the industry leaders themselves. 

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 2. Becoming an industry authority

Putting out expert content in your industry is crucial to gain traction. Think of this aspect of Clubhouse like a well-tailored or article that your company puts out on a critical issue that your business is knowledgeable about. Clubhouse allows you to take it one step further by allowing you to put out real-time audio to answer questions and connect with other users. Becoming an industry authority by putting out quality audio content on topics relevant to your business allows your clients or buyers to see that you are an expert and their money is in good hands. 

3. Virtual events

Covid-19 has created a profoundly digital world where meetings, conferences and events take place online. The need to have several hundred people in a conference hall is gone. Instead, you can have several thousand people in your Clubhouse room listen to whatever content you create. Sharing your insight, hosting speakers and creating content relevant to your industry will help your business take off. 

Clubhouse is shaping the way we do business

The CEO and founder of Spark Business Strategies, Brad Caldwell, was able to gain clients and close sales because of Clubhouse. He joined the platform and answered another business owner’s question on branding during an audio event. Because he had established himself as an authority in the industry, the company messaged him and offered him a contract. Clubhouse has given him opportunities to do interviews with business leaders and close huge sales. Caldwell saw the potential of the platform and has used it to create organic growth for his company. 

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While you may not be able to post videos or show your face, like on or , Clubhouse works wonders for organic business growth. You can listen to investors talk about cryptocurrency, offer solutions on  or be interviewed by a leader in your field, and all of it unfolds in real time for maximum audience engagement — helping your business establish critical connections. 

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