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3 Revenue-Increasing Reasons Why You Should Use a Podcast in Your Content Marketing Strategy

There’s a lot of noise in the marketplace, so standing out will position you for success.

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In a world full of misleading internet marketing ads, solid value-based content stands above the noise. is one of the most effective strategies for reaching and converting a cold audience.

We’re living in the digital information age, and it’s a time in which your consumers expect a modern delivery of your content. Consumers experience content from entrepreneurs in many forms, and written content has been the gold standard, but there’s a way to cover all of your bases —

Audio content through the use of podcasting is a powerful  that connects leaders directly to their consumers in a more intimate way. When your consumers hear a “voice,” they feel more deeply connected to your brand.

If you’re not using podcasting in your content marketing, you’re missing an opportunity to build your audience, connect with new consumers and convert casual followers into customers.

Here are three reasons why entrepreneurs should consider podcasting in their content marketing, and how a can build an audience, cement brand credibility and increase revenue.

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1. Your ideal target customers want to consume content more quickly and conveniently. 

Not every one of your consumers has time to sit down and read written content — no matter how short or long it is. When you start or use a podcast, you provide a quicker and more convenient way for consumers to absorb your content. They can listen to podcasts in their car, during exercise, on an airplane, or anywhere. All they need is access to a phone. As soon you release an episode, those that follow your content get access and are more likely to consume it. 

Podcasting is a great way to take complex concepts and strategies that you teach and help consumers in a way that’s easy to understand. 

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2. Podcasting and audio content are easier to create.

How long does it take you to produce a blog post, newsletter, or post? Unless you’re a natural writer, creating good quality written content takes time and a good amount of energy. 

To create a podcast episode — or audio content in general — you simply need to speak into a microphone or some headphones. You’ll need to plan out what you’ll want to say, but you can probably speak it more quickly than you can writing it. 

Creating podcast episodes is how you can produce a month’s worth of content in a week in the same amount of time it would take you to write that same content in a month. You can then spend the rest of your time on the tasks that build your business. 

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3. You can repurpose podcast episodes into multiple pieces of content that are published in diverse formats. 

A podcast and its episodes don’t have to remain on or a podcast player. One piece of audio content can be turned into a blog post, several social media posts, a newsletter, and even a video. Repurposing podcast content is straightforward and allows you to produce more content with less effort. If you’re not sure how to repurpose podcast episodes, you can outsource the work to professionals. 

You will then have an opportunity to have multiple forms of content that can be sent to all the mediums where your ideal target clients are consuming. 

Starting a podcast is not as complicated as you think. The cost of the equipment is not high, and you can record content anywhere. You can give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at what you do and draw them into your brand.

If you’re going to use content marketing to its fullest, you’ll want to vary the kind of content you post and the mediums you use to post it. A podcast is a tremendous all-around way to nurture clients and potential clients through content.  As you nurture, increase your brand presence, and add value, more causal followers will buy your products and services.

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