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Tips to buy from your cell phone safely during HOT SALE 2021

If you plan to make purchases in the eighth edition of Hot Sale 2021, the AMVO gives you the following recommendations to use your cell phone safely.

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The Hot Sale 2021 is approaching , the days of the largest offers to buy online in Mexico . Due to the pandemic, the incursion of electronic commerce through cell phones has accelerated. According to data from the Mexican Association for Online Sales ( AMVO ), 98% of digital consumers in Mexico use a smartphone. However, the greatest insecurity when buying online is still being the victim of some fraud.

If you plan to take advantage of the eighth edition of Hot Sale 2021 , the AMVO gives you the following recommendations to make purchases through your cell phone safely.

1. Keep your device updated

It is important that your smartphone, whether it works with Android, iOS or any other operating system, has the most recent version installed, so you will avoid errors that cybercriminals can take advantage of. You can also review the antivirus options that exist for mobile devices to add an extra layer of security.

2. Use only your home WiFi

It is dangerous to connect from public WiFi networks on the street, the best thing you can do is connect from your home network or through your mobile phone network.

3. Look at the lock

You can identify if a website is secure if a padlock appears in the address bar, even if you click it, the legend ‘The connection is secure’ will appear, which indicates that your passwords or credit card numbers are private when sent to site. The letters ‘https: //’ at the beginning also indicate that the navigation is safe.

4. Go directly to the online store or the app

Any cybersecurity expert will tell you not to open links, much less if they arrive from addresses or senders that you do not know to your email or WhatsApp. It is better to put in the bar the URL of the store where you want to buy or go directly to the mobile application if the store has one. Remember that you must also download the most recent version of the app to have the security improvements made by the provider.

5. What do others think?

Before deciding if it is reliable to buy from a certain place or a certain product, you can review reviews from other consumers. In these times there are reviews and opinions in forums, in the same e-commerce sites and in social networks, lean on these before making a decision.

6. Be careful with your personal data

There is a series of information that most online stores request, such as your name, your address and the information of your payment method, but if they ask you for unusual information about your income, other cards or information about relatives, then be suspicious. On the other hand, many people prefer to use an option like Paypal, since your credit or debit card details are linked to your account and you don’t have to put them on each new e-commerce site where you want to buy.

7. Extra precautions

Regularly, e-commerce sites send you a confirmation email of your purchase, but to be careful you can take a screenshot of the purchase, to have as evidence. Also, try to have your credit or debit card applications installed so that you can constantly check the movements in your account. Preferably, activate notifications every time there is a movement in your account, so you can know when something out of the ordinary happens.

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