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A-List Celebrities and Business Owners Are Obsessed With This Social Media App

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Clubhouse, the app that was born and exploded in popularity at the beginning of the global pandemic, is valued at $4 billion after a Series C round of funding. 

If you are not active on the platform or familiar with the app yet, it’s an invite-only social media network that is entirely audio-based. This unique feature, combined with its launch while everyone was inside and working from home, led to its fast rise in popularity.

The many A-list celebrities hosting rooms and joining the conversations helped fuel Clubhouse’s early growth as well. It’s currently only available for iOs devices although Android users are likely to be able to join the fun in the not-so-distant future.

There are rooms and discussions for every topic imaginable, and now is the time to get on board and ride this wave because it provides an incredible opportunity to build your audience, put your product or service out there and ultimately drive sales and revenue.

Any time a new social-media network launches, its early adapters benefit the most. Attention and engagement are always easier to attract in the early stages, becoming more competitive as the userbase increases.

A laser-targeted audience is priceless to a owner, and something as simple as joining conversations and hosting discussions can lead to things like massive organic email-list growth, , customer acquisition at a near-free cost, etc.

Here are some tips to help you get in on the action at the ground level.

Clearly define your goals       

You need to have a strategy defined and goals established before jumping in. Are you interested in growing your email list? Maybe you want to focus on brand awareness or simply just network with other industry professionals.

Whatever your main objective is, have a plan to reach your goals on the app. If you want to build brand awareness, then you will want to focus on providing  and not come across as a salesperson.

Join conversations that you can add value to by sharing your expertise. When you authentically provide value, you’re going to get users that dig a little deeper. They will look at your bio, see who you are and what you do, and if the value you provided was exceptional, many will further explore your business or offer.

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Leverage other social platforms to grow your audience 

When you are just starting, one of the easiest ways to grow your following on Clubhouse is to leverage your other social media platforms like , ,  and . You can use your email list as well.

If you are going to join or host a room, post on social and send out an email inviting those interested to join. Don’t be vague, either. Let them know what the topic is and what key points you are going to touch on.

Optimize your profile bio

Your bio on Clubhouse allows you to go much deeper than you can on other platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. The first couple of lines are the most important, and this is where you should incorporate keywords for Clubhouse’s search algorithm.

The first two lines of your bio should be written for search intent and then the rest of your bio — and there is plenty of real estate to use — can be used to highlight your expertise, interests and reasons why users should follow you.

Also, make sure to connect your other social profiles to your Clubhouse profile. Since the app is audio-only, users can’t contact you in the app. Providing your other social handles allows someone to easily get in touch with you on an alternate platform.

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Become a room host

There are rooms for every topic imaginable — just use the search function. One of the to build your following on Clubhouse is to host a room, and you can get your feet wet by teaming up with others to co-host.

This will help you become more comfortable with the platform, as will getting on stage in other relevant rooms. Focus on providing value and not being the dominant voice in a room. Pass the mic and get other experts to join you. 

Some of the most-followed users on Clubhouse are very brief and direct when they speak. They are focused on providing value, not the amount of time they are in control of the mic.

Start your own club

Starting your own club on the app is the best way to attract attention, then funnel that attention to whatever your main goal for participating on Clubhouse is. After hosting a few rooms, you will have the opportunity to apply to start your own club.

Once you have your own club, you can invite members to join, and then you, as well as those members, can host rooms within your club. High-quality members will lead to high-quality discussions and more attention.

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As your club grows, so does the number of eyeballs on your profile. This results in organic follower growth and gives you more opportunities to achieve your goals within the app.

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